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I will be working on trying to rebuild the site so that it has a little more flavor. I will also be coming back with some new articles as well. I’ll be back June 2nd 2013.


Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme Acapella

This is just awesome!


Video Game Trailers!!

Video game trailers…..

For your viewing pleasure!


Watch Dogs


Killer is Dead


Call of Duty Ghost

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Assassins Creed 4



So, who would win?


Throwback Thursday!!!! Suikoden


Suikoden, the 108 stars of destiny. To me, THIS was the original Pokemon game. The reason I say this is because you were inclined to run down the other 107 stars of destiny. This had to be one of the LONGEST games I’ve ever played bar none. The game pulls its lore from a  Chinese novel called Shui Hu Zhuan. From here we get 108 characters, who you have to find, that all eventually team up like Voltron and kick ass. The game play is turn based, but there are different fighting elements. There is the regular turn based Final Fantasy I style fighting. There is also some command and conquer style fighting. Lastly there is a one on one duel as well. These elements come together to make a great game. The hardest part by far is the location of all of the people though. You literally have to hunt through the screens to find all of the people in the game. The first time I played I found all 108 people but one person died (oh yeah, characters can die and NOT be revived in this game a la Game of Thrones) and beat it with only 107 people only to find after I canned my saved game file (PS1 days here.) Right after I saved

I found out that character I let die could in fact be saved (round 2, FIGHT!) Needless to say, I did enjoy playing this game. It does have the typical evil oppressing good, good fights evil and almost dies only to come back and win, but I like this story. I cannot speak about any past the 3rd one, but the first three in these series were off the chain. If you are looking forward to an old school game and have some time (by some time, I mean about a month) to spare you should try and play this game. You will not be disappointed!



Stereotypes are something we all live with in our daily lives, but why is it that they also seem to pop up in our virtual lives as well? The vast majority of games that have come out have characters so typecast that it is almost laughable. For instance, whenever you play a military game there are 3 things that are always there (4 including the player). The Heroic guy (who usually dies), the one sarcastic/psychotic guy that had a rough life and does something stupid that you end up having to bail them out of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there’s a geek. We all know who generally comprises that group, but that’s not who I want to talk about, I want to talk more about the Non playable characters (NPC’s) that we see in games. If you see an Italian/Jamaican/Russian in a game he’s automatically a mobster (unless it’s a Mario Bro’s game). If he’s Black or Hispanic we have a gang banger (that speaks nothing but slang). Asian means he’s super smart or a damn ninja (but can’t speak anything but broken English). If his religious background is  Muslim he’s a terrorist (you guys do know that Muslim is a religion, not a race right?)  I know I’m being overly broad but I can name at least 5 blockbusters not including Call of Duty or Battlefield games where this is true. ALSO as a side note, I’m going to include games that have creatures/races that represent these stereotypes as well.


1. World of WarCraft

    The Panda’s = Asian’s

    The Trolls = People from the Carribeans

2. Final Fantasy 7

    Barret Wallace =  Black male that only speaks slang

3. Elder Scrolls

    The Redguard – If you talk people tell you “how well you speak”

4. Killzone

    Rico Velasquez – Angry Hispanic and Black guy. 2 for 1 here.

5. Deus Ex

    Letitia – Speaks like a freed slave.


So what is it about stereotypes that permeate even the video game industry? It’s just curious as to why these are still acceptable?  These things I mentioned are not to say that the games themselves are not great games, but do we really have to have these negative stereotypes still in games despite all the creativity that resides in game development teams? Or is it to make the games more believable that these stereotypes exist? Comments?



Latest Video game rumors!!!!!

Sooo the newest rumors out there are that the Xbox will NOT be always on.  I guess they couldn’t keep that secret until the 21st eh? Also there are rumors out there that it’s going to be a bit of a entertainment system.  It appears that you will be able to plug in your cable/Digital tuner into your Xbox and also some connection for internet. They are also rumored to be installing a Blu-ray player. The last rumor that I have is that they are going to be offering the same model for the “Xbox” as they are for the 360. Let me explain, as of right now, if you go out and purchase a Xbox 360 and then purchase a year of XBox live it subsidizes the cost down to 99 dollars. If this rolls into the new Xbox, I will be anxious to see how Sony goes around this.


Speaking of Sony apparently the “Share” button is now a hot topic all to itself. Rumor has it that they will be making it so that if the developer of the game doesn’t want to let certain parts of the game be show, the developer can stop that from being shared. Also, they are apparently gearing up to do a release just before E3.


and that’s all we got for the rumor mill this week! See you all tomorrow!

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