EA………It’s NOT in the game

I’ve been reading a lot about EA. Just recently they were given title as Worst Company in America. I wondered about this. Why is it that they’ve been given this award but yet they continue to make a killing as far as sales go.  What gives? How is it that according to the fans, the games aren’t worth a pot to piss in but yet they keep coming out on top. How in the world is this possible? Well,  this is a pretty accurate description.

I’m not trying to bash on EA……Ok, so I am. I’m going to vent now so bear with me. What happened to paying for a game and getting to actually play it without having to go online? Why is it that I have to pay for the game and then have to buy into an online subscription so I can continue to play what I thought I already paid for? WHY IN THE HELL DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR DLC THAT SHOULD HAVE ALREADY COME WITH THE GAME?….I’m going to stop there because the whole DLC is a rant for another day, but this irks me.  Here I thought that video games were supposed to be the new medium but all it’s turning into is a steaming pile of Hollywood.



~ by DJay on September 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “EA………It’s NOT in the game”

  1. I learned a valuable lesson from this video – that there are plenty of suckers waiting to be exploited.

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