What makes a good game?

I was wondering what makes a good game. Some people say that it’s the graphics that make or break a game. Other feel that it’s the gimmicks (SSX Tricky, Red Faction. Max Payne) I’ve always been a person that plays a video game the same way I read a book. I want whatever it is I’m doing to be worth the effort to finish it. I believe that story telling has always been what I have looked forward too.I must be one of the few people that have picked up Call of Duty, Modern Warfare  for the story instead of the multiplayer. The same thing with Battlefield Bad Company. I’ve always believed that the story is what made or broke a game. People have said that Final F antsy 7 is the best Role Playing game of all time (of all TIME) because of the death of Aerith Gainsborough . My question is why? (Other than the fact she had an OP Level 4 Limit break.) I feel it was because people had their first wtf moment in a game. With her death it truly made you hate Sephiroth.  Other games that have pulled me in with a captivating story have been games like Uncharted, Metal Gear, Spec Ops: The Line, Sleeping Dogs, Halo, Heavy Rain, Infamous, God of War, BioShock, Resident Evil and Batman to name a few. These games while fun in themselves had me up late at night trying to get to the next part of the game.  Telling myself that I’m only going to play for 20 more minutes and then I look at the clock and it’s time for work. Why? It wasn’t because of a cool upgrade. It wasn’t because I had just leveled up. Like with a good book, I wanted to know what happened next.


~ by DJay on September 5, 2012.

4 Responses to “What makes a good game?”

  1. It depends on what kind of game you’re talking about.
    If you’re talking bout an RPG, it’s story, music and freedom.
    If you’re talking bout a sports game, it’s control and realism.
    If you’re talking bout a fighting game, it’s diversity and control.
    Grant it, if you’re talking about any game, it’s all the above.

    • I’ll give you that, I should have been more precise, but with games today crossing from one genre to another it’s hard to nail one thing down. To me that would be like saying Halo is an awesome FPS, but it’s a FPS with RPG elements. Even with fighting games there’s a story line (Street Fighter, KOF and Tekken all have them.) I’m not trying to sound defensive, but when you play those games (minus sports games) you tend to want to know more than just the surface. I mean if you devote yourself to your game you do. At least, I feel that way.

      • True, when you play any game you look to see what about it makes it better than another. By the same token, you look to see what’s improved that others have. For example, Street Fighter has evolved into a phenomenon that shaped and changed how we look at fighting games. In the beginning, it was 1 character fighting and that was it. Then SF2 came out. It was the 1st fighting game that had 1 on 1 fighting with fighters to choose from with different move sets. What made SF2 so much more successful than SF1 was the diversity. Back then, no one knew or cared that Chun Li was a cop and Guile had a grudge against M.Bison. That grew over time. the main point was having more and more fighters come to the stage and play. If it wasn’t for Street Fighter, we’d never would’ve had Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3.

      • Ok, I can say that I agree with you. You bring up very valid points. Had SF not grown we would never have ended up with MVC 3 or any of the other great games like it. I guess that I’ve always been more of a story person because when I played I wanted to beat the game with all the characters. I wanted to see all the different endings. Then again, you played more for innovation and I played because I wanted to know all the endings. In the end it was a great game nonetheless. Maybe that’s what made it a great game. The ability to appeal to a large group of people?

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