Define superior

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and the age old question came out. What system is better and what’s the best system of all time? I’m a PS3 fan boy so I immediately said the PS3. My friend on the other hand said the Xbox because he’s all things Microsoft. We continued to debate this.

“Xbox is better because of Halo!” – Steve

“PS3 is better because of Uncharted!” -Me

“What about Mario?” -My wife

wait.. We totally forgot about that guy for a minute and even my friend Steve had to admit that Mario is a fun game too, but did that make the Wii an honest contender? I mean, it has the worst graphics out of all the systems, but yet it consistently has great games whereas on both the PS3 and the Xbox they have a couple of block buster titles, but there are a plethora of mediocre games for both the systems. We didn’t even include the PC games that are out there which is another beast all unto itself. So the question is what makes the best system? If its power then I’d have to say the computers win, but if we narrow that down to consoles, the PS3 wins hardware wise. If we look at games I’d have to say that Uncharted, Halo, and Mario are the flagship games and all three of these fall into such different categories that it’s hard to compare them. So I guess that my question would be what do you consider the best system and why?

Now, this also opens up a can of worms. What system is the best system to date? I’ve heard some interesting candidates for this one. I’ve had Commodore 64 thrown at me as well as the Apple IIe. Then there were people saying that the Turbo Graphix 16 was the best system out. Then there’s also the three way war between SNES, Genesis and Playstation. (I personally think the Genesis was the best system, but that’s just me.) But once again, what constitutes a system being the best?



~ by DJay on September 11, 2012.

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