The influence of video games

So, I’ve been wondering around the interwebs on a journey for video games and I’ve noticed that something has been popping up a lot more recently.  There have been more attention to the death of people who binge on video games. There’s the incident where a 14 year old boy hung himself after playing COD. There are also others all throughout Taiwan and S. Korea where people play video games with the same vigor that people play sports.  I cannot sit here and lie about the time I’ve placed in games. Back in the day according to my memory card on the PS1, I clocked well over 60 hours on Final Fantasy 7, not to mention all the time I had to put into Metal Gear Solid to beat it on Extreme. I remember coming home on a Friday night and not leaving my room until school Monday if “my game” came out during the week. I was able to put well over 40 hours into a game in one session easily, but at the same time I am also an athlete. I run anywhere between 7-10 miles daily now and when I was younger more. I go out and do stuff like read books, play basketball, swim and go for walks to name a few. The question still is, does that alleviate the dangers of long gaming sessions? I understand that anything done out of moderation is not good for you, but can we really use the death of a few people and tie it to video games? In reading of various articles, there were statements of medical conditions leading to a gamers demise.  Such as people with weak hearts and people who suffered from shortness of breath. Would these same people have expired at a different establishment under similar conditions? What if they were at a book store reading a book for a long time and died in the process. Would people start clamoring about putting warming labels on books because you could die reading one? With that said, addition is addiction. Someone asked if we should start putting warning labels on video games the same way that we put them on alcohol and cigarettes. I tend to think that this is a bit much, after all, there are no signs in Vegas or Atlantic City and I hear compulsive gambling is a pretty big problem.  I guess what I’m getting at is that people need to A.) start being parents and regulating what their children are playing and B.) teach your children how to do something other than video games. C. take some personal responsibility for your actions and NOT put yourself in the same unfortunate position as the above mentioned deceased.  To beat a dead horse…An Ohio boy almost died after a 4 day gamin session and his parents did nothing until he almost died.  I think this about sums up my points.


~ by DJay on September 24, 2012.

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