Rant of the Day! Multiplayer in EVERYTHING!

Before I start. Let me say that I am not anti Multiplayer. but damn, does EVERYTHING have to have it? There are a lot of games out there that have it and I have no idea why they do. Not every game is designed for it.  Does everything have to have multiplayer in it? Am I the only person who enjoys playing a game to get AWAY from everyone? I feel that this is a lost art. I remember the days of grinding through Final Fantasy all by myself and feeling nothing but bliss. Same thing with Metroid and most recent BioShock.  I understand that game companies feel they need to put multiplayer into everything so that they can possibly nickle and dime us, but do they not understand that if campaign sucks, WE AREN’T KEEPING IT. Also, adding multiplayer to a game that’s never had it before is pretty much suicide because I have seen this fail  more times than succeed. Rare cases, like Mass Effect and Assassins Creed, are not the norm for this.  It just always seems to me that the companies that try and do this miss a lot of wickets. Either they had a game they wanted to be multiplayer and they added single player to lure us in, so the campaign sucks (which is why I rent everything from Gamefly before I purchase it), or the campaign is awesome and they throw in this god awful crap that tries to pass as multiplayer, but the only thing you recognize it as is a giant failboat slowly sinking only to inexplicably be brought back to the surface with various patches and DLC thrown at it to try and keep you interested. Which STILL fails because you can only polish a turd so much. I wish that Game companies make a game and stick with it. Either make the damn thing multiplayer of make it single player and work on making it great at that thing, please don’t make me suffer through another Spec Ops, FarCry 3, or BioShock 2.  Great Campaign, but damn…that multiplayer.


~ by DJay on April 29, 2013.

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