Rumor has it

Ah, I love a good rumor so let’s get crack’n, shall we? E3 is coming our way and everyone has something to say. Let’s start with the most pressing. The new Xbox is supposed to pull a page from Apple and simply be referred to as “The Xbox”. Second, there are some rumblings that they might be pulling the always on DRM after the almighty “Sweet Billy” aka Adam Orth made his twitter comments about always on connections. I guess we’ll find out more on the 21st of May.

Sony has been keeping quiet, but as I’ve release in other articles, the specs of the PS4 look very promising. Also, it’s rumored to be priced at around $400 which sits in between the two numbers I’ve seen for the new Xbox which is $300 and $500.

The next rumor on the horizon is the new Call of Duty game. Apparently it’s called Call of Duty:Ghost.  There is supposed to be a trailer being release for it on May 1st.

Also, not good news for Doom fans. It appears that Doom 4 is not doing well and is fated to fall to the garbage bin pretty soon. It’s currently being rebuilt from the ground up.  Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

Last one I have is that the new anticipated Thief game might be in hot water. Apparently execs are not happy about the current status of the game (hence why there’s no demo out yet.). THIS is a bit of an issue because damn it, I wanted to play the demo. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ


~ by DJay on April 30, 2013.

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