Throwback of the day

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I was digging in the crates at home and came across a game very near and dear to me. Xenogears. Aw man, this game brings back memories! I remember level grinding through this game to try and unlock all of my moves. The storyline for this was incredible and I just found out why the game was so weird. They ran out of time during production!  Ok, for all of those who have never played the game, I’ll give you the wiki version. You are a nobody, a fight breaks out near your village (of course you live out in the middle of nowhere) with these huge robots.  One falls on your house. You get in and things just go to hell after that. You learn that you have a split personality, that there’s multiple versions of you and that you are also trying to kill you. Throw in some zombies and you have a great game.  It sounds confusing, but the gameplay was rich as well as the environments and the characters you meet along the way. Ultimately what makes this game hard is the fact that once you get off the first disk you’re pretty much screwed for leveling. The reason being, they ran out of time for the game, so you pretty much just progress through the rest of the story on disk two with almost no fighting. Kinda sucks (actually, it REALLY sucked me. My saved game data corrupted for the 1st Disk so I had to start over.)  Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot. I can say that I was disappointed in  Xenosaga. (yeah same guy made that too.) But if you have never played this game before, it’s one that should be played at your earliest convenience.


~ by DJay on May 2, 2013.

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