Monday’s Rant – When good games turn bad.

It’s Monday and there’s only one thing left to do. It’s my weekly Monday rant of the day! Ok, time to start bitch’n. This week, my gripe has to do with a lack of innovation, they are called sequels. I’m not talking about games that are planned to be trilogies. I’m talking about games that we ALL know are done at the conclusion of the first one, but all of a sudden because they made so much money off the first one they decided to try and con me out of money to play the second one. A perfect example would Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2. Holy WTF Batman! Before I start, anyone who happened not to play this game, stop here. I’m about to spoil the ending…….Ok, so I’m one of those people who HAD to get the ending right so I got both endings. One of the endings is that I got turned into some weird dominatrix ripped from the movie Hellraiser and the other I died. Either way, how do they justify making a sequel using the exact same person….wait for it. They cloned dead me from the 1st one.  Wait, that’s brilliant! (How about no picture should go here.) You would think that watching Hollywood (I really hate Hollywood, couldn’t you tell?) mess this up all the time with movies that SHOULD have ended, but they just had to keep bringing em back. Like, Jaws, Scary Movie, Rambo (FYI he dies in the book after the FIRST book.), etc. You would think that the video game industry would learn right? Nope. Let’s look at another one. Let’s try um…..Final Fantasy X-2.  (Are you serious face here). Dear Square Enix. Why? Tidas DIED. End of story. Then you turn around and take the characters and turn them into the Pussycat dolls and make a game out of them. Yuna walking around like a lame version of Lara Croft and all 3 of them cosplaying their way through the game and putting on shows like it was a giant J-Pop commercial. I am SO glad I bought this used because I was able to trade it back in at full price and get something worthwhile. See, it’s games like this that make me glad that I rent games before I purchase them now. sheesh. I’ll leave you with one last thought.

Duke Nukem Forever……



~ by DJay on May 6, 2013.

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