Throwback Thursday!!!! Suikoden


Suikoden, the 108 stars of destiny. To me, THIS was the original Pokemon game. The reason I say this is because you were inclined to run down the other 107 stars of destiny. This had to be one of the LONGEST games I’ve ever played bar none. The game pulls its lore from a  Chinese novel called Shui Hu Zhuan. From here we get 108 characters, who you have to find, that all eventually team up like Voltron and kick ass. The game play is turn based, but there are different fighting elements. There is the regular turn based Final Fantasy I style fighting. There is also some command and conquer style fighting. Lastly there is a one on one duel as well. These elements come together to make a great game. The hardest part by far is the location of all of the people though. You literally have to hunt through the screens to find all of the people in the game. The first time I played I found all 108 people but one person died (oh yeah, characters can die and NOT be revived in this game a la Game of Thrones) and beat it with only 107 people only to find after I canned my saved game file (PS1 days here.) Right after I saved

I found out that character I let die could in fact be saved (round 2, FIGHT!) Needless to say, I did enjoy playing this game. It does have the typical evil oppressing good, good fights evil and almost dies only to come back and win, but I like this story. I cannot speak about any past the 3rd one, but the first three in these series were off the chain. If you are looking forward to an old school game and have some time (by some time, I mean about a month) to spare you should try and play this game. You will not be disappointed!


~ by DJay on May 10, 2013.

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